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Courses in Australian Studies - Autumn 2016




                                  The Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge      


Parliament House (Canberra)


In the BA programme:

  • BBN-ANG11-372 Gall Cecilia, Introduction to New Zealand literature, Culture and History

  • BBN-ANG11-372 Gall Cecilia, Australian Aboriginal Issues

  • BBN-ANGF 214 Gall Cecilia, Introduction to Australian Cinema

  • BBN-ANG 204 Holló Dorottya, Australia: Culture and Society - History and Diversity



    Macquarie Lighthouse (Sydney)

    In the MA in English programme:

  • BMA-ANGD-CP2 Gall Cecilia, Australian Novels on Film

  • BMA-ANGD-CK3 Gall Cecilia, Australian History and Politics



    The Goldmines Hotel (Bendigo)

    In the MA in English Language Teaching programme:

  • TANM-ANG-111 Gall Cecilia, English Speaking Cultures - Australia




    (Since the courses are advertised under various codes, please check the alternative codes in the SEAS catalogue at and the Neptun system.)





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      Centrepoint (Sydney)                            Old Farm House (NSW)   



















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