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other Australian Programs in Hungary:


Speakers, Lecturers and Guest Lecturers



Sturt's Desert Pea


The Australian Studies Programme would like to thank the following lecturers and guest lecturers for their lectures, courses and book donations made for the university.

Guest Speakers  (1991 -  )

Inez Baranay

Alex Brooking (Ambassador to Budapest)

Patrick Buckridge (Griffith University)
Anne Coombs
Chris Wallace-Crabbe(University of Melbourne)
Kate Darian-Smith (Sir Robert Menzies Centre)
Sandy Edwards
Patricia Excell
Fiona Foley
Lucy Frost (La Trobe University)
Anthony Gall

Simon Gall

Tom Griffith (Australian National University)

Karen Hughes (University of South Australia)

Gerhard Leitner (Free University of Berlin)
David Lowe (Sir Robert Menzies Centre)
David Malouf
Brian Matthews (Sir Robert Menzies Centre)

Patrick Morgan (Monash University)
Richard Nile (Sir Robert Menzies Centre)

John O'Brien (University College, Cork)

Portia Robinson (Macquarie University)
Veronica Sümegi  (University of New South Wales)
Susan Varga
Harry Wedge
Adi Wimmer (Klagenfurt University)



Baobab tree


Participants of the Australian Roundtable Conference (September 2005)


Ruth Balint - University of New South Wales
Joost J P Cote - Deakin University
Veronica Kelly - University of Queensland
Gerhard Leitner - Freie Universität Berlin
Richard Nile - Curtin University
Iva Polak - University of Zagreb




Guest Lecturers  

Judith Buckrich (1989)
Sol Encel  (University of New South Wales, 1996)

Richard Nile (1991,1992)
Nicholas Szentkuti (1998-1999)


          Yellow Gum (Eucalyptus)


Hungarian lecturers formerly teaching in the Programme


Kniezsa Veronika (1991-2001)

Kocztur Gizella  (1991-1994)

Dömötör Ildikó (2000, 2005)


Kangaroo Paw

Resident Lecturers  (1991 -  )

Glenda Sluga (Sydney University) 1991-1993
Carl Whitehouse (University of Tasmania) 1993 - 1995
Diane Menghetti (James Cook University) 1996
Russell McGregor (James Cook University) 1997
Alana Sherry 1997 - 1998
Robert Imre 1998-1999
Carl Whitehouse (University of Tasmania) 1999 - 2001
Cecilia Gall 2001 - 2004
Anette Bremer 2004 - 2005

Vicky Nagy 2006-2007
Cecilia Gall 2006 -









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