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This is a list of useful Australian websites. The categorisation is rather loose since several websites in one category cover a variety of content areas and provide further links in other fields, too. The sites are listed alphabetically according to the descriptions provided by the site.  These descriptions are formatted as a hyperlink, and the sites can therefore be reached just by clicking on them. The Internet address of each site is also provided.  All the links below have been checked , however, websites do change over time. Should you experience difficulties in accessing a particular site, try deleting the last part of the address so that only the root remains and then you can use the search engine of that particular site.

 E.g.: for Encyclopedia Britannica instead of    

 you can try   and then you can enter "Australia" in the search field.


 We also welcome comments, corrections or suggestion for new links. Email us if you have something to contribute.

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The links are organised around the following topics:


Aboriginal Matters - General

Aboriginal Matters - PM Kevin Rudd's Apology to the Stolen Generations 2008




Environment and Cities

Government, Politics, Economics & General





Museums and Libraries




 Aboriginal Matters - General

Aboriginal Australia: Authentic Aboriginal Art, Craft and Culture

Aboriginal Languages of Australia

Aboriginal Studies - Aboriginal History

Aboriginal Studies WWW VL

ATSIC - The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

CAEPR Home Page

Indig Home

Message Stick


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Aboriginal Matters - PM Kevin Rudd's Apology to the Stolen Generations


On February 13, 2008, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologised for the hurt caused by decades of state-sponsored treatment of indigenous Australians.

These are links to reports and comments on the Apology PM Kevin Rudd made to the Stolen Generations in the name of the Australian Government:


From The Sydney Morning Herald:  

Kevin Rudd says sorry

Speech gets standing ovation in Redfern

Britain urged to back Rudd's apology

Thunderous applause in Sydney for Rudd's speech

A nation apologises

Long queue to witness Rudd speech

Family saddened by apology that comes too late for some

A nation shocked by tales of sorrow

Protest against intervention

Welcome ritual marks opening of Parliament

Tears for those who vanished, never to return

Mother's regret carried to grave

Bondi BBQ for live apology

Rudd's apology revealed

Finally their voices will be heard

A simple word with so much meaning

Never, never again

The last of the white blindfolds

Britain refuses to apologise

Nanna Nungala Fejo shared sorrow and joy with PM

By fostering trust, apology can close gap

Relief, and renewed optimism

Apology flashes around the globe

Thanks - but now let's talk compensation

Libs stage boycott as Nelson heckled

Father's pain likened to other sorrow

One notable absentee

After 30 years of denial come tears of relief

School lesson: apologise when you make a mistake

Caught up in a scientific racism designed to breed out the black

Heal the past, embrace the future

A question of identity from a tender age

Leaders hope commitment to fix disadvantage will follow, fast

Radio callers outraged: I'm disgusted, says one

Full text: Kevin Rudd's sorry speech

Full text: Brendan Nelson's sorry speech

PM said sorry - and so said more of us



The nation apologises

Redfern, Canberra reactions

Backs turned on Brendan Nelson

Apology comes too late for this family

Photos, memories from NSW Aborigines Welfare Board

Why I need an apology

Reportage and comment

Kevin Rudd says sorry in Parliament

Full text of the Prime Minister's speech

Thunderous applause in Sydney

Libs stage boycott as Nelson heckled

Reaction outside Parliament House

Radio callers outraged and disgusted

Together we'll build a truly great nation

Thanks - but now let's talk compensation

Annabel Crabb: Political division still rife

Mick Dodson: An act of true reconciliation

 The day we said 'sorry'

Multimedia: Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says sorry to the stolen generations in Parliament.

Film puts stolen child in her mum's shoes

Healing born of tears

'None of this will be easy'

Tackling housing crisis must start with understanding concept of home


From The Independent (UK):



Some background:




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ABC Arts Online: Film

ABC Arts Online: Music




Australian Country On-line

Australian Film Institute

Australian Record Industry Association

Culture and Recreation Portal Homepage

Film Australia

Film Victoria


Music - Arts & Events

Pictures Catalogue - National Library of Australia



The Sydney Symphony

The Space ABC Arts Online: Books: Index

The Space: ABC Online Arts Gateway

Yahoo! Arts

Yahoo! Entertainment>Music





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Dance at a corroboree



Dymocks Online

Gleebooks Book Shop - Global Store with Books, Reviews and Ordering

The Coop BookShop - Welcome


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ABC Education - Learn Gateway

ABC Education - Learn Gateway - By Subject

Australian Education Hub

Australian National University


Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training

Deakin University

Griffith University

IDP Portal - Home

Individual Universities - Australia's Universities - The Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee

James Cook University in Tropical North Queensland, Australia

KCL: Menzies Centre for Australian Studies

La Trobe University - Melbourne - Australia

Overview - Australia's Universities - The Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee

Postgraduate scholarship database for Australia

QUT | Queensland University of Technology

The Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee

The University of Melbourne

The University of Notre Dame Australia

The University of Queensland, Australia

The University of Sydney Main Page

The University of Western Australia

University Of Tasmania WWW Service

UNSW: The University of New South Wales - Sydney Australia

Yahoo! Education

Yahoo! Regional > Countries > Australia > Education > Higher Education




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Cave paintings at Cape York


Environment and Cities

Adelaide City Council : Home

Australian Botany pages

Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS)


Brisbane City Council

City of Melbourne

City of Sydney

City of Perth - Home Page

Environment Institute of Australia Home Page

Environment Portal Home Page

Greenpeace Australia Pacific

National Capital Authority Homepage: Canberra Australia's Capital

Weather & Flood Information




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  Rainbow Serpent (Rock painting)



Government, Politics, Economics & General


Before proceeding to further links, please read the following:



In our Australian classes we often tell you about important Australian values, many of which were realised by the Labour government (1972-1975) lead by Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. It was during this period that Australia dismantled the White Australia Policy and officially adopted multiculturalism.  The New York Times gives this summary of his/their achievements:
"Mr. Whitlam, who championed indigenous rights and equality for women, led the Australian Labor Party to victory in the 1972 election after 23 years in opposition. Once in power, his administration moved quickly to abolish capital punishment, university fees and military conscription. It also set aside funds for specialized hospitals and created a national health system, which still exists in altered form."

(the 1972 campaign poster)                          (in 1975)

Mr. Whitlam was an important and influential figure of Australian politics and public life even after his official political career. He died on 21 October, 2014 at the age of 98, and the obituaries of this great man offer an interesting insight into his life and actions as well as a few Australian social issues.

Do read them if you are interested:

This NYT article is a good summary written for readers outside Australia, i.e., it does not contain hints that only Australians would understand.

The next ones are from the Sydney Morning Herald:
A good overview:

Prime ministers following Whitlam remember here. It is particularly interesting how one-time rival  Malcolm Fraser and Whitlam grew to be friends.


This one is by Australian writer, Tom Keneally,  author of Schindler's list (originally: Shindler's Ark), and The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith: 




The political struggle that led to the affirmation of native title enshrined in the Mabo and Wik decisions is the subject of this momentous photograph. Appropriately, it was taken by Mervyn Bishop, Australia's first Aboriginal press photographer and a noted recorder of customary and contemporary life in Aboriginal communities. Bishop caught the human as well as the historical significance of the transferral of soil from the hand of a white prime minister, the reformist Gough Whitlam, to that of a Gurindji elder, Vincent Lingiari. Both men seem awed, even humbled, by the power of their own gesture, enacted against a brilliant blue Australian sky. Land at the Vestey-operated Wave Hill Station was handed back to its traditional owners, the Gurindji people, in August 1975, after decades of servitude and a nine-year walkout. The centrality of the concept of land, or more properly of place, in Aboriginal culture and consciousness is here given expression in a modern medium.

from The Art Gallery of NSW Handbook, 1999.



Further links:


Australasian Legal Information Institute



Australia in Brief - Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - title page

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australian Constitution - Beginners Guide

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Australian Embassy Budapest

Australian Government

Australian Governments' Entry Point

Australian Greens Online

Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Website

Australian Immigration Department - migrate to Australia

Australian Labor Party

Australian Trade Commission

Browse -

CIA -- The World Factbook 1999

Embassy of Australia, Washington

Encyclopædia Britannica from Electric Library

Governments on the WWW: Australia

High Court of Australia

Liberal Party of Australia Home Page

Live in Victoria

Queensland Nationals

The Australian Democrats

The Australian Journal of Management

The Department of the Treasury

The Office for Women : Australia

Australian Demographic & Social Research Institute ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Yahoo! Australia & NZ

Yahoo! Business and Economy

Yahoo! Government




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Magic Carving



Australian History on the Internet

Centre for Immigration and Multicultural Studies

Centre for Immigration and Multicultural Studies, links

Contents - The Eureka Stockade

MAIS - Multicultural Australia and Immigration Studies - Database Access and Information - The Sydney Morning Herald

The Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History

The First Queensland (Moreton) Regiment - Main Page




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Artists and their work



API Network

API Network - Australia, World Wide Web Virtual Library

Australian Humanities Review

JCU - Women's Studies: <i>Library and Internet Guide</i>

OzLit@Vicnet Australian Books and Writers

Yahoo! Arts




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Australasian Drama Studies Journal

SETIS: the Scholarly Electronic Text and Image Service




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ABC - Presents - Behind the News (BTN)

ABC - Presents - Behind the News (BTN) - Links

ABC Education - Learn Gateway

ABC Education - Learn Gateway - By Subject

ABC News Online - Home

ABC Online

ABC Radio

ABC Radio National

ABC Shop Online

Australian Geographic

Australian Media Facilities Directory [AMFD]

Financial Review

M/C media and cultural studies

Message Stick

Network TEN : Welcome to the Network TEN Australia website - The Sydney Morning Herald

Special Broadcasting Service

The Australian - The Age

Thousands of newspapers on the Net

Welcome to

Welcome to

Yahoo! News and Media

873 2GB - News. Talk.




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Museums and Libraries

AMOL | Australian Museums and Galleries OnLine

Australian Museum Online - September Edition

Australian Museums

Australian National Maritime Museum

Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial - Authentic objects. Real stories.

East Point Military Museum

Migration Museum of South Australia

Mutiny on the HMS Bounty: Bligh, Christian, Pitcairn, Norfolk

National Archives of Australia

National Library of Australia

National Library of Australia - Electronic Australiana

National Museum - Welcome to National Museum

Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasmania - Welcome

Queensland Museum

Visiting the Immigration Museum



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Search - Australia's leading online business directory

Garriga's Australian Beyond ...The BlackStump

Guide to Australia

MacquarieNet - Channel 1

Mitchell And Partners Welcome Pad for Netscape Navigator

National Library of Australia

National Library of Australia- Site Map

Register of Australian WWW Servers

Welcome to the land of Oz

WWW Virtual Library

Yahoo! Australia & NZ

Yahoo! Reference




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Australia Sport International

Australian Institute of Sport - Australian Rules

Australian Rugby Union

Australian Sports Web - Australian Institute of Sport

Australian Sports Web - Australian Sports Commission

Official Home of Australian Cricket

Official Website of the Australian Football League




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