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Australian Studies Courses in Veszprém, Hungary


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Courses on Australian Studies (Multiculturalism in Australia; Australian history, culture and civilization, Language Ecology in Australia) are offered to the students at the Faculty of Arts of Pannonian University, Veszprém. The content of the different courses has been slightly changed since their introduction; nevertheless the main topics have remained the same. The lectures and seminars are considered to be popular with the students; more than one hundred of them decide to attend courses with Australian content. During the last few years approximately 15 undergraduate dissertations were written on different aspects of Australian studies, mainly contact linguistic empirical research was carried out on the language of the Hungarian minority in Australia. One Ph.D. dissertation entitled Select Aspects of Australian-Hungarian Language-Contact Phenomena was successfully defended by Forintos Éva in 2006. The Australian Ambassador in Budapest regularly visits our university and they invite us to special events organized by the Embassy.


The following courses are offered by Forintos Éva (assistant professor):

 Multiculturalism in Australia

The weekly lectures cover the most important aspects of Australia’s multicultural policies, which evolved from the need to address issues raised by the arrival in Australia of large numbers of migrants, many whose first language was not English. Among the most profound changes in Australia over the past century has been the evolution in public policy from the White Australia Policy to a non-discriminatory immigration policy, with the parallel transition from assimilation to integration and then to multiculturalism.


Australian History, Culture and Civilization

The weekly seminars cover the most important aspects of Australian history and civilization providing students with a large spectrum of Australian studies ranging from a cultural-historical approach to the analysis of current social and political trends.

The purpose of this course is to focus on various aspects of Australian geography, history, culture and political system. The main aim of the seminar is to provide opportunity for reading and speaking about Australian issues.


Language Ecology in Australia

The weekly lectures cover the most important aspects of language contact and contact-induced language change with a focus on a major dichotomy between two very general modes of change: shift-induced interference and borrowing. The purpose of this course is to focus on seven mechanisms of contact-induced language change – mechanisms which operate, singly or combinations, to produce contact-induced changes of all kinds. Some linguistic areas around the world will also be dealt with as well as pidgin, creole and other mixed languages. The course will end with the problem of language death and endangered languages. The results of empirical research on the language of the Hungarian minority in Australia is shared and discussed with the students.








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